Who do we want to see on Sunday

Those who love to sing an old song and hear the organ play.

Those who are happy to be a community of all ages, caring for one another and helping as we can.

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, widowed, LGBTIQ, confused, filthy rich, comfortable or dirt poor.

We want to see those who live in Canberra but don't have family here. We have lots of Grannies who would love to be a pseudo granny to you and your family.

We extend a special welcome to wailing babies and excited toddlers, people of colour and colourful people.

What to expect on a Sunday Morning

We arrive at the building by 9:50am and greet one another at the door.

When we enter, we collect a hymn book and move into the building to find a seat. 

The organ will start to play and we all enjoy standing to sing the first hymn. The hymn numbers are shown on the hymn board at the front of the Church.

The Minister or person leading the service will welcome everyone and invite us to sit.

The service will then include readings from the Bible, a talk from the person leading, and various hymns. Feel free to follow along with the flow of the service.

A collection will occur part way through the service. People are invited to give money as they are able towards the running of the Church. 

What happens after the Service

When the service is finished, we all leave the building and go next door to the Church Hall.

Everyone is welcome to join in a free morning tea. Tables will be set up with chairs about.

We chat and get to know one another until about 12pm.